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Inclusive Education Program

We believe that inclusive education is the correct and most effective way to empower student with disability to develop their potential. While inclusion is the priority in our school setting, we also acknowledge and support interventions that focus on specific individual needs.

CA Tanzania looks forward on how youth with Autism and cognitive disability can be involved in accessing education as a pillar of the future life in the community. It came up with action to reach the large number of children with special needs in their specific area through educate important of inclusion from family level, district level and regional level.

The implementation of inclusive education workshop helps to create mult -disciplinary team which involves education officers, social workers, quality assurance education officers, community development officer, health care officers, teachers, parents and Students. The team support to promoting inclusive education from grass root.


  • The number of students with cognitive challenges enrollment in schools increased simultaneously.
  • Provision of appropriate interventions for students with special needs.
  • Experience sharing from teachers teaching inclusive classes
  • Appropriate transformation of students with disabilities from unit to an inclusive class.
  • Students with challenges (deaf, autism, cognitive challenges) were involved in the school daily routine example parade, cleanness, sports and games etc.
  • Parent’s involvement and participation promote inclusive education and its benefit to their children.
  • The government in corporation with various stakeholders has improved the services of students with special needs including education, infrastructure, free health services and teaching and learning materials.
  • The government in corporation with various stakeholders started Preparation of Inclusive education training manual for in-service teachers